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The Pax 2 by Pax Labs Inc. is an amazing device and we know users absolutely love it just as much as us. What they don’t love is when it gets scratched or even worse, falls and gets damaged.


The Pax is becoming a part of the mobile revolution and is now part of the key, wallet, and cell phone group that we all make sure to never leave the house without. Like these accessories, the Pax is not cheap, and that is why we created the VAPRCASE2.


The VAPRCASE2 is a unique custom silicone case that is slim and durable. Designed for one reason and one reason only, to allow Pax owners to protect their Pax from damage. Don’t be one of those people who buy a Pax, fall in love, and get their heart broken. Protect your vaporizer with a VAPRCASE2 by simply pulling it over your Pax, and aligning the hole with the light on your Pax... Enjoy. 

VAPRCASE2 was created by LifeGrabber LLC. and developed in 2014 in New York City and designed right here in the good old USA. We saw the need to protect our Pax, so we have designed and developed the perfect product for others to do the same.


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© 2014 by LifeGrabber LLC.  VAPRCASE2 is a third party manufacturer and has no affiliation with Pax Labs Inc.